This is not a zine just about or for filmmakers; it's a love letter to films and video games, written by people whose passions lie beyond film and video games.

Just as Pikmin was created by a gardener; Splatoon by an artist; and Disco Elysium by a political activist and novelist, FWC was made by locals from all walks of life.

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We need writers+artists for the second issue!

The Vibe

We want to read about the things that make you tick:

📽️ Watched something recently that rocked the way you see the world?

🐛 Strongly believe that A Bug's Life is the socialist bible for the masses?

🎲 Maybe you're interested in the historical origins of board game mechanics?

❗ That one really oddly specific take you have about Keynesian economics and Netflix's The Floor Is Lava.

Reading literary research can be as bad as reading your lawyer's summertime dream. We're not about that - the arts should be fun, engaging, and digestible.


Last time around we raised over £1,100 on Kickstarter, and hoping to beat that this time around!

💸 This meant we could pay contributors £80 for their submissions. If we raise more we'll pay more, and vice versa.

Your work is yours - there's no exclusivity clause or anything like that. If you want to send in something you've already written and are super proud of, go right ahead.

The submissions have now closed.

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